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+ The water in the air is that which is evaporated from the surface of the sea or lake. It contains a few salt particles but is "clean". A small proportion may fall as rain (15-20%), but most of this water is CONDENSED out of clear night air or fogs by the cool surfaces of leaves (80-85%). Of this condensate, 15% evaporates by day and 50% is transpired. The rest enter the groundwater. Thus, trees are responsible for more water in streams than the rainfall alone provides.
++ Of the rain that falls, 25% again re-evaporates from crown leaves, and 50% is transpired. This moisture is added to the clouds, which are now at least 50% "tree water". These clouds travel on inland to rain again. Thus trees may double or multiply rainfall itself by this process, which can be repeated many times over extensive forested plains or foothills.

(PERMACULTURE: A Designer's Manual __ Bill Mollison)

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for my body's birthday I shall plant a tree!