SOUNDWAVE S W E L L >> by: Offecct ""so, are all_things swell with you?


So__ 1 thought twas quietly living among the canopy of mine_forest,
protected from beasts lurking below.
Staying within the
roof allowed an unique perspective; blind to sub-ravaging_sub-consumption.
Yes.preferred tunnel_visioning painted beautiful images, boosted morale, and enhanced achievement....

...Yet_without warning or invitation, beasts latched on to mine_sight with grappling hooks, infiltrating mine_environment.
They brought temptations, gifts, and empty promises_all smiling to flex worn fangs.

Now.. they are in the canopy, tossing much butter_trying to pierce mine_vision.
They assume I am mutable, but I am not smiling.

They cannot see the fangs of mine_own and that they may be razor sharp.

O H __ to patience!

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