OVAL EGG TABLES 4151 4251 >> by: HBF

""OKAY__Which came first the chicken or the egg ..?


And of the egg shall hatch a serpent,
And the serpent shall have 33 vertebrate,
And opposing the tail shall be attached a brain,
And the brain shall consist of two hemispheres,
And the left shall be solar, masculine,
And the right shall be lunar, feminine,
And the hemispheres will demand appendages,
And we shall use these appendages as tools,
And alas the appendages will soon take control over our well-being,
And we shall rely on them for survival in the physical world,
And when old enough we may use them towards technology,
And we shall type and mouse our lives away,
And we will build a beautiful virtual world,
And someday it will all disappear,
And may our appendages shrivel back into our spines,
And may our spines crawl back home__safe inside the egg.

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