W W O O F_ing AROUND...
""taking a break 2 investigate organic farming!

Hello friends! I am sure many of you are aware that this blog has been a bit static lately, well at least for the last few months. The reason being... I am on a bit of a hiatus running around North America experiencing life away from the computer and trying to connect with this physical life while it exists and while I am young, right!
Initially, I set off to foreign lands and foreign cultures, observing close to perfect systems both natural and man-made. Staying in alignment with uncertainty seemed to unfold the kindness within people, such compassion for good-will exists everywhere and it comes in the most unexpected moments. In following, this journey was spent in the middle-of-nowhere-type places, away from civilization, in deep pockets of untouched land; places where one can really use all of the six senses. Indeed there were periods of much anxiety, the wildness and power of nature can really implant fear into one's body and mind, especially in isolation. Yet, the truth in "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" needed quick realization to emerge the beauty all around.
Now, I am WWOOFing in the high desert of California. To live a simple life requires a great amount of effort. The farmer exists within all of us, it is the connection to the earth that draws us to it. It is our mother, containing all of our ancestors, and is a perfect system.

Yet, while the journey has just begun the WWOOFing is coming to its end and preparation is underway for many great Revit Families to become available to the global design community. And, of course the content will be free!
SO... please keep updated with this blog, as access to the internet is now available. More is to come!!!...